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Confetti Flower


With our almond holder ribbon rolls imported from Italy, you can create beautiful Italian bomboniere favors  flower petal. They are a wonderful way to thank your guest and show them appreciation for attending your special event. We carry everything you need to complete your own do it yourself creation favor, Jordan  almonds wedding favor used for your wedding decorations looks like a real flower almondsto the embellishment accessories and adding a final touch, you can personalize your confetti flower with Favor Tag  Belituni or Personalized Ribbon for the wedging day.

Instructions on how to create the flowers almond holders using Coccarda ribbons


  • Pre-cut the coccarde ribbon each with 5 petals
  • Insert 1 confetti almond per petal
  • On each end you will find 2 strings 
  • Pull out strings from both sides
  • The ribbon now closes in a flower shape





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